Jernih Jaya - Honey / Giling Basah Process
Ateng, Jember & Typica Varieties
Brown Rice Syrup / Lots of Stewed Fruit / Unique

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There is A LOT to this coffee and we are super excited to be able to share it with you! This coffee comes from a cooperative near Jernih Jaya, located in the high elevation coffee zone around Mount Kerinci (very close to the border of Jambia).   The farms in this area are planted in older coffee varieties that benefit from the high slopes, with most farms situated between 1400 - 1500 meters above sea level. This coffee was processed using hybrid techniques than integrates Honey and traditional Giling Basah methods and is an awesome coffee to showcase what we mean when we use the term “flavor-forward”.  

First, the outer cherry skin is removed from the coffee leaving the fruit intact to the seed for the first phase of drying. This is typical honey processing and tends to impart fruited notes as well as bolster body. The coffee is dried to approximately 50% moisture content at which time it is then wet hulled (Giling Basah).

This next step in the process then involves peeling  the fruit and parchment from the seed while the coffee is still wet, and then the lot is laid to dry the rest of the way. This step of the process is what constructs the earth-toned flavors we tend to associate with Sumatra, and certainly what popularized the coffees from this region. In this case, we have a unique hybrid process that brings out the best of both worlds - A cup that is fruit-forward and sweet, big bodied and low toned - super complex through and through.

Beyond our interest in this unique Honey Basah process, the cooperative in Jernih Jaya is incorporating diverse processing techniques, offering coffees that are fully wet-hulled, fully washed/fermented, honey and dry processed (the latter which we plan to also offer later this Summer).  For now, we are brewing this Sumatran coffee manually and treating ourselves to batch brew to celebrate all that this coffee has to teach us. We also like to add these fruit bombs to espresso blends and think it would be wild in a Milkshake IPA (wink wink).