Meru - 30 Kushikamana Collective Farmers 
Washed - Ruiru 11, SL-28 & SL-34 Varieties 
Fig / Dark Fruits / Full Bodied / Complex 

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This coffee was imported by our friends at Coffee Shrub (CA) and is from a small group of roughly 30 small farmers in the Eastern highlands of Meru. They call their group "Kushikamana" as it roughly translates to "working together", and accurately describes the work that goes into coordinating coffee deliveries and processing. Each small holder depulps, ferments, and dries their own coffee separately, and then work together to deliver as a group in order to construct exportable volumes.

This is different than the typical Kenyan "Factory" site that most coffees come from, where coffee is delivered to the central location in whole cherry and then processed in large blended batches. Meru is said to be the first location in Kenya where coffee was grown by the local population going all the way back to the mid 1920s. We are excited to be offering this as a limited release microlot and encourage you to explore the dark fruity-fig notes and the nice solid body found in the brewed cup. Perfect for pour overs and espresso.