Wilber Dubón - La Mina de Willy

1 X Honey Processed - Catuai Variety
1 X Washed - Pacas Variety

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We’re big fans of microlots from El Salvador not only because they taste great but they are also some of the most traceable coffees that we source. These two lots from Wilber Dubon (Chalatenango) were brought to us by our friends at Cafe Imports and we are stoked to be offering a washed Pacas alongside a Honey processed Catuai to kick off the El Salvador season!

The fully washed Pacas is packed with chocolate, raspberry and tart cherry notes and the level of farmer dedication shines in the the brewed up. Wilber’s farm is ~2.5 acres and the ripe cherries are picked and sorted by hand, depulped & washed and then dried on raised beds.

The second microlot from Wilber Dubon is full of sweet caramel, cherry & grape notes and has deep complexity. Definitely a cup that you’ll enjoy making multiple pour overs of and sharing with friends. Most of his farm is planted with Pacas trees so this Catuai separation is special in that way along with it being Honey processed - a method where the mucilage of the cherries has only been partially removed, then dried and fully processed. We picked up what was available of each of these lots (~150lbs total!) and we are certain this coffee won’t last long. Enjoy!

For more information on coffee processing, check out these short videos by Cafe Imports